SNOVIT Automobile Accessories


The Spanish company SNOVIT offers a more than 55 years proven experience in the distribution of automobile accessories and direct support to distributors and customers, providing fast, efficient and high quality services.

Snovit invests in new ideas with recognised potential. Snovit is one of the leading manufacturers of snow chains with exports to more than 20 countries. Its aim is to provide ideal solutions through innovative products that make driving safer and more enjoyable!

Its history begins in 1965 in the field of production and sale of car accessories and more specifically snow chains and roof bars for cars and commercial vehicles.


At the moment the Snovit company product range consists of the following car accessories:


Passenger Cars
Industrial Vehicles

> Passenger Cars

Reliable and safe Snovit metal and fabric snow chains guarantee the safety of all types of vehicles when driving in adverse snow and ice conditions.
1. Snow chains for private cars
2. Snow chains for SUV, 4x4 and Vans

> Industrial Vehicles

Snow chains for professional use with the guarantee of Snovit high quality and safety.
1. for trucks and buses
2. for light machinery
3. for public works machinery and tractors
4. for quarry and mining machinery
5. for forestry machines
6. Traction wheels for forestry machines


All Vehicles

> Passenger Cars

The perfect range for occasional roof bar users looking for a durable, quality product at an affordable price.

> Industrial Vehicles

The series is designed for professional use. It is made with high strength materials that guarantee maximum safety in the most extreme conditions.

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