Mont Blanc Group AB


Our longest-running partnership is with the Swedish company MONT BLANC, which has pioneered travel equipment and cargo systems since 1962, such as roof bars and trunks, bicycle racks and bars for transporting winter and summer sports equipment.

Our cooperation continues uninterruptedly from 1979 until today, making our company recognizable as one of the most reliable Commercial Agents in the Greek and Cypriot market and at the same time consolidating the trust of Greek and Cypriot Importers in it.


Mont Blanc offers high quality cargo transportation systems.
Roof bars, roof racks, bicycle racks, ski racks, canoe racks, dog guard racks and much more …

Roof Bars

Mont Blanc roof bars are simple and safe. They are easy to install and use and are available in different series.

Roof Racks

Transform your car when you need that extra space. Our Roof Racks provide the perfect choice to meet any kind of requirements.

Bicycle Racks

Whether you are going for the next bike race or just picking up the kids after school, Mont Blanc the right bicycle base for you.

Canoe Racks

Special grills made for canoes/kayaks, boats, masts, oars and surfboards. They are easy to install, load and are safety on the road.

Ski Racks

Skiing or Snowboarding? We have the appropriate equipment to connect them safely and easily to the outside of your car.

Dog Guard Racks

Dogs should be transported safely and comfortably. We have solutions for all dog sizes, car types and placement options.

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