About Us & Services

Who we are

API International Representations has been active for 4 decades in the area of imports-exports in Greece and worldwide, specializing in the import of car accessories from internationally renowned companies abroad.

We are commercial agents and we undertake the promotion of the products of the companies abroad, with which we cooperate, closing orders that are executed directly in the name and on behalf of our Greek customer companies.

Our Services

The services we offer concern the mediation between the factories abroad and our customers in Greece, in order to assist them in the development of the necessary activities between production and consumption.

API International Representations is a vital partner even for the largest factories abroad. It is their personal advisor of the represented factories and at the same time for the import companies. API utilizes all the possibilities for the good service of its customers, using rational methods, modern technologies and tireless work in order to achieve in the most efficient way the work of mediation with the factories abroad.

Our Experience

The presence of the company in Greece and worldwide has been for more than 40 years. Experience combined with deep knowledge and love of the business, are the foundations on which we have built and continue to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers in Greece, but also the factories we represent abroad.

Our goal is always the direct service of our customers and the excellent relationship with the companies we represent, in order to ensure the best possible prices and the fastest, safest and most economical delivery of the goods.
We pursuit to be mainly partners and to build long-term and efficient relationships of trust between the foreign companies we represent and our Greek Importing companies-customers.
As commercial agents we are researching the international market for new trends in the fields of car accessories and transportation equipment, offering them our long experience in selecting the most reputable Greek distribution companies, designing with them the most suitable ways of penetration in the Greek market.

Our History

The company was founded in Athens in 1980 by the commercial representative Antonios Pipinis. His diligence, love, insight, zeal and passion for the business scope of the company, built the foundations for the development of API Commercial Representations and the building of long-term relationships of trust, both with its customers within Greek market, as well as, with the factories worldwide.
In 2018 the reins of the company were taken over by the daughter of the founder of the company, Georgia Pipini, who is a graduate of the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a postgraduate degree from the Department of Applied Economics and Finance from the same university.
She has worked for more than 15 years in large banking organizations in Greece, in the field of professional loans, as well as in the sale of investment products and in the provision of investment advice to institutional clients. She was also business executive in the Association of Enterprises and Industries (SEV) in the Department of esearch and Analysis.